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Turquoise Blue Holo Snakeskin (Pendants)

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**No Animals are harmed in the making of our jewelry**

Columbian Red Tail boa skin shed from our very own Boris the Boa! 

Snake skin shed set into a glass pendant on a leather cord. 

Each one is unique and hand set by Holly Macabre! 

We Tried are best to photograph a few different light qualities and tones! Due to the high colorshift on these it is hard to really capture how many colors are in each of these items! Please refer to our Instagram for an example of the color shifts on these beautiful pendants! ❤️😍  

Turquoise Blue Holo is a combination of Blue/Aqua/white and a touch of Purple. 💜

**Due to the nature of how we create this piece skin pattern will vary depending on snakes natural pattern, shed, coloration etc.**