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Sea Witch with Labradorite

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Fascinated with the sea, Stories of Cthulhu and the mysteries of the deep. Spending a lot of time gleaning inspiration from various forms of life and Stories she uses her skills to weave these crafty little creatures, assistants to the world beyond.
We hope one steals your heart and becomes your companion, and that you cherish these pieces as much as she enjoyed creating them for you!
Labradorite is considered a spiritual stone, it helps recharge energy and aids the spirit in healing. In the metaphysical works it is considered a protector against negative auras both internal and external. Labradorite comes in many unique colors and represents transformation, strength and inner worth.
Appx. Dimensions in this dimension are 1.5 inch by 4.5 inches and comes with a 36in faux leather cord. 
These pendants are made by Holly Macabre