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Labradorite Electroformed Coffin

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Labradorite stone set with electroformed Copper. Stone is Appx 1.5 inches in length and comes in a 24 inch leather cord.
This pendant has been made with the electroforming technique which allows electricity to form a thick layer of metal over an object/surface creating unique textures and variations. The texture on each piece is unique and one of a kind. 
Copper has been worn for centuries and is believed to have multiple benefits. As a conductor of energy it assists in intensifying the natural qualities of the crystals and stones it accompanies. Copper is believed to be able to assist the body in repairing tissues, oxygenating the blood, arthritis and vitality. 
Labradorite is considered a spiritual stone, it helps recharge energy and aids the spirit in healing. In the metaphysical works it is considered a protector against negative auras both internal and external. Labradorite comes in many unique colors and represents transformation, strength and inner worth. 
These pendants are made by Holly Macabre