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Honey Bee Earrings

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Vintage styled and responsibly sourced Honey Bees by Holly Macabre.
** All Honey bees in our collections have died of natural causes and/or were collected during routine hive cleaning or maintenance by ourselves or the bees natural hive cleaning routine, worker bees only have an average lifespan of 5-6 weeks so when they pass they are pushed out and then collected for our apiary oddities** 🥰

These are real honey bees, from our own hives in Richmond.Va! they live on our property and they not only pollinate our vegetable gardens, but are provided with appropriate pollinator gardens and upmost care year round!

These Earrings are Approximately 2.5 inches in length but very light! Very comfortable for everyday wear.

Please note that due to these being hand made with real insects , there will be variations in each adornment. This includes but is not limited to size color positioning, air bubbles and variation.

Each piece is cast by Holly Macabre or Kitten Von Munster, all or our resin work is made/cast in house by our fabulous artists.

**All of our insects are scavenged from our own hives or from sustainable sources such as butterfly farms and apiaries. Please do appropriate research before purchasing insect and/or animal parts for the sake of art!