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Honey Bee Drops

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These are real honey bees that been preserved in resin and set in earrings. This handmade jewelry is an excellent gift for a beekeeper or gardener, or just for everyday wear. Why leave your curiosities on the shelf? Why not take them with you and create an excellent conversation piece!

These Earrings are Approximately 2.5 inches in length but very light! Very comfortable for everyday wear. 

No bees were harmed. Worker bees have an average lifespan of about 5-6 weeks. When they pass away inside the hive, other bees push them out onto the ground where they are collected for jewelry making. Please note that due to these cabochons being made with real insects, some natural small variation in size, coloring and positioning will occur. There may sometimes be small air bubbles present in the resin. Each piece is cast by Holly Macabre or Kitten Von Munster, all or our resin work is made/cast in house by our fabulous artists. 

All of our insects are hand scavenged from our own hives or from sustainable sources such as butterfly farms and aviaries. Please do appropriate research before purchasing insect and/or animal parts for the sake of art!