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Dragonfly Statement Necklace

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This is a real Dragonfly that been preserved in resin and set in an elaborate statement piece. This handmade jewelry is an excellent gift for a insect/ oddities fan or gardener, or just for everyday wear. Why leave your curiosities on the shelf? Why not take them with you and create an excellent conversation piece!

This Necklace is a large statement piece and covers the entirety of the chest/neck.

This Statement piece is handcrafted, hand stoned and beaded with several original molds and designs by Holly Macabre. The Chain that fits around the neck area is approx. 17 inches and should fit a small to medium size neck ( This can also be adjusted to a larger size after purchase if needed for no additional charge) 

All of our insects are hand scavenged from our own hives or from sustainable sources such as butterfly farms and aviaries. Please do appropriate research before purchasing insect and/or animal parts for the sake of art!