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Columbian Red Tail Snake Shed (Necklace)

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Snakes are both feared and revered, throughout history snakes have been used as symbolism and have represented Protection, Wisdom, Fertility, Rebirth, Renewal and Primal Energy. In some cultures evil, destruction, and temptation. 

Seeing a snake in dreams often symbolized rebirth and renewal, similar to the Ouroboros who renews itself through its own destruction. 

We designed these to represent power, confidence, and the ability to shed one's skin and create new beginnings, new friendships and new journeys.

**No Animals are harmed in the making of our jewelry**

Columbian Red Tail boa skin shed from our very own Boris the Boa! 

Snake skin shed set into a glass pendant on a 18 inch silver plated chain. 

Each one is unique and hand set by Holly Macabre! 

**Listing is for pendant pictured**❤️🐍

Pictures of Boris for tax! 🐍❤️🐍❤️