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So, as we mentioned, we get by with a Hell of ALOT of support from each other! you should always help bring others UP instead of competing against or tearing them down. We have worked with some AMAZING people, collabs, performers, photographers, models, sideshow artists, mermaids, and every fantastical creature that comes to mind. Here are some of those people we hold near and dear. Please go check them out and see all the wonderful work they create as well!  These artists have been so wonderful and professional over the years, not only as colleges and Collabs but as dear...

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In 2018 a small group of artists collaborated on a project, with a love for all things strange and unusual, performance and sideshow, they started experimenting with what would happen if they started working together. Bringing their passion for making beautiful handmade items and using the influences they have accumulated over the years to bring something together that was truly strange and beautiful and from the heart as well as the imagination.

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